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Imballi scatola americana.webp

Standard packaging.

The most reliable solution to protect and enhance your product.
Ultra resistant

The standard boxes are so defined because they can be produced with normal processing techniques, without additional costs for extra processing. The junction of the packaging can be made with glue only, with staples, or with a combination of glue and staples. This process guarantees a dimensional tolerance of ± 3 mm.

Standard packaging is an easy-to-use, economical and customizable product, able to adapt to different needs of use. Thanks to advanced and automated quality control systems, standard packaging is checked during every stage of production to always guarantee the required quality.

Versatility of use
Main types
Imballi Standard
Stampa Packaging.webp
We print your creativity.

There is no limit to your creativity, you can customize the packaging to enhance the communication and the product. The flexographic printing technique guarantees high printing speeds even with many colors, high levels of quality and an excellent quality / price ratio.

Scatola americana

Packaging used for transport, suitable to contain any type of product. It is delivered laid out with a glued side, you can have it with different degrees of strength.

Scatola mezza con fondo e coperchio
American box with overlapping flaps.

The overlapping of the flaps in these American boxes makes them suitable to be stacked or lying down. It has reinforced closing walls, ideal for heavy loads.

Scatola mezza americana
Half American

Similar to the standard American box, but lacking the upper or lower flaps. It can be used alone, upside down on a pallet, with a lid or as a "telescopic" box.

Scatole a marmotta

They are boxes made from corded sheets. The lid covers the entire base giving the image of an elegant and robust packaging. It can also be used as a tray.

Scatola americana con alette sovrapposte
Half-American box bottom and lid.

The half-American boxes with bottom and lid consist of two distinct elements, precisely the bottom and the lid. They can be had in various forms also on the customer's design.

Fogli cordonati e slizzati
Other kinds of packaging.

The FEFCO code is the internationally recognized system for classifying corrugated cardboard packaging designs.

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