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Trunks and boxes for clothes.

Durable and customizable solutions for the transport and protection of clothing.
Horizontal boxes
Vertical trunks

Dress cases are cardboard boxes for clothing, designed and manufactured specifically for this function. The needs in this area are many, as well as the cardboard packaging solutions available.


We are able to recommend the best option and to provide each type of personalized top case for clothes according to the requests of material, printing, measurements and model, for minimum production to be established depending on the case.


In addition, we make special boxes for the shipment of clothes horizontally, which thanks to a particular die-cutting, do not require plastic support and allow you to pack the garments hanging in an alternate direction.


These solutions guarantee clothing high protection during transport.

Scatola per abiti
Baule per abiti
Support type.
  • Dress cases with support (in one piece)

  • Dress cases with bar (to be assembled with handles for the side grip)

Type of opening.
  • Luggage cases for clothes with diagonal opening

  • Dress cases with hook-and-loop opening

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