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Whistleblowing system
Code of Conduct

The purpose of the WHISTLEBLOWING legislation is to guarantee the protection and confidentiality of those internal interested parties and those associated with the organization's processes, who make reports of illicit behaviour, with the awareness that with said reports, the reporting parties contribute to bring to light situations that are prejudicial to the company IEMME SRL and consequently to the public interest in general. 


Whistleblowers of violations learned in the work context and in the exercise of their functions and who make the report in the manner provided for in this procedure must, by law, be subject to protection and confidentiality.

This procedure also allows the possibility of making an anonymous report.

Anonymous reports, made without identification of the whistleblower, are taken into consideration, provided that they are also adequately detailed and made in great detail, capable of bringing out facts and situations by relating them to specific contexts.


In the event you choose to reveal your name/contact details, your identity will only be known to those who receive and manage your report, independent individuals and not linked from a hierarchical point of view to IEMME SRL.

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