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corrugated cardboard.

Resistant and suitable
for any type of use

The corrugated cardboard sheets consist of the covers, two flat paper surfaces with an internal corrugated paper core, held together by natural adhesives. They are characterized by high resistance and considerable rigidity, which makes them particularly suitable for creating packaging and packaging or as reinforcement materials.


Corrugated cardboard is 100% recyclable and biodegradable and allows you to protect and transport the products it wraps in a versatile way.


Corrugated cardboard sheets are a flexible and lightweight product, able to adapt to the most diverse needs of use. Thanks to state-of-the-art technologies and machinery, corrugated sheets are checked during each stage of production, in order to ensure their adequacy to standards and quality requirements.


We have different types of corrugated cardboard sheets, both from the point of view of composition and thickness, complying with the demanding standards required in terms of quality, functionality and resistance.

Shock absorbing capacity
Versatility of use
Fogli di cartone ondulati
Fogli piani di cartone ondulato
Flat sheets.

Mainly used to create dividers inside the boxes or as separators to be used on pallets for shipping.

Spessore fogli di cartone ondulato
Different thicknesses.

The height of the wave can vary from 1.5 mm to 5 mm so you can have different combinations that lead to final thicknesses of cardboard from 1.5 to 7 mm.

Produzione cartone ondulato.webp
Fogli di cartone ondulato
Corrugated cardboard wins the challenge of eco-sustainability compared to the common products currently used for packaging, saving CO2 emissions produced by disposal.
fogli di cartone ondulato.webp

Types of cardboard.

Single flute carboard:

  • B wave, thickness 3 mm

  • C wave, thickness 4 mm

Double flute cardboard:

  • EB wave (microtriple), thickness 5 mm

  • BC wave (triple), thickness 7 mm

Types of papers used.

Papers for covers (from 100 up to 300 gr/sqm)

  • Krafts (white or brown)

  • Liners (white or brown)

  • Test Liners (white or brown)

Papers for corrugation: (from 90 up to 160 gr/sqm)

  • Fluting

  • Medium

  • Semi chemical

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