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Customized projects

Die cut packaging.

Special packaging designed with custom die-cut plants, to meet canning needs in automatic processes.

The die-cut packaging is special packaging produced with die-cut plants, that are molds that impress the desired cuts and creases. Handles, inserts, windows, holes and fin cuts can thus be obtained to facilitate canning in automatic processes, up to the most complex shapes, such as completely self-erecting boxes.


The die-cut packaging is a functional and customizable product, able to adapt to different needs of use. Moreover, thanks to our technical staff and the latest generation machinery, die-cut packaging is checked during each phase of production, in order to ensure its adequacy to quality standards and requirements.

Imballi Fustellati
imballi fustellati-automontanti.webp
Also designed to be self-erecting.

Rotary die-cutting

(the dies are mounted on special cylinders), with a tolerance of ± 3 mm longitudinally and transversely.

Flat die-cutting

(the dies are mounted on autoplatens), with a tolerance of ± 1 mm.

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