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Safer with certified quality.

Research and continuous innovation allow us to create products with very high quality standards, because the market and end consumers require it. A quality packaging makes transport safer and guarantees the integrity of the product, contributing to the success of the order and the image of the supplier company.

IEMME is certified according to UNI EN ISO 9001 (CCG certificate no. 405 – first issue 14/12/1999, – and IQNET certificate, first issue 14/12/1999, registration no. IT9247) and UNI ISO 45001 (CCG certificate no. 073 – first issue 19/12/2019,  – and IQNET certificate, first issue 19/12/2019, registration no. IT58749), for the following activities:

  • Production of corrugated cardboard;

  • Development, production and printing of corrugated cardboard packaging.


Our goal is to create products that fully comply with contractual requirements and correspond to the needs of use of the customer, who is for us the fundamental reference point for the definition of company policies and processes.

In order to respond adequately to customer needs, we are constantly committed to improving production processes, product technology and services, with the involvement of all staff.

We have put in place, at all levels, procedures for the execution and verification of the organization on the operations that affect the quality and service of our products.


This program is developed in such a way as to guarantee complete control of all company activities, and constitutes (to be corrected) the basis of our Integrated Quality and Safety System.


FSC® certified products available upon request

GOLD Certification
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The primary objective of our company is to constantly improve the services offered.

Let us know how satisfied you are.

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