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Help us improve.

The primary objective of our company is to constantly improve the services offered and meet the expectations of customers who come to us for the experience and reliability that distinguish us. To succeed in this purpose, we kindly ask you to complete this short questionnaire. Thank you for your valuable cooperation!

Please give a rating of the level of satisfaction that you believe can be perceived by the Customer, according to the following ranking: 1 star = poor / 2 stars = mediocre / 3 stars = sufficient / 4 stars = good / 5 stars = excellent

1. Technical-Commercial Assistance (technical preparation, attention to customer needs; speed in making estimates; management of samples; technical support for product choice)
2. Product quality supplied (characteristics, reliability, customizations, compliance of supply batches)
3. Respect delivery times (emergency response, punctual deliveries)
4. Quality of shipping service (product identification, transport, packaging)
5. Administrative management (invoice accuracy, document clarity)
6. Partnership: quality of the relationship (credibility, communication efficiency, complaints management, availability)

We thank you for your feedback!

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