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Always innovation.

From a vision, the idea of specializing in the production of corrugated cardboard packaging. Modern packaging, since 1935.
Foto storica Iemme

A family tradition strongly oriented towards the future and constant innovation.


Our story began in 1935, in Vigevano, in the province of Pavia. Thanks to the brilliant intuition of the Founder, the starting idea of the activity is immediately oriented to the marketing and resale of corrugated cardboard packaging items. An innovative material, successfully used to replace wooden crates, a real "Modern Packaging". And it is from here that our company was born, literally: I.M., in italian “Imballaggi Moderni”, which later became IEMME.

The first production plant was built during the sixties, taking advantage of the high economic development that characterized Italy at that time. Since that day, IEMME has experienced a continuous and constant process of growth, which has led it to be today a solid and innovative reality, active at 360 ° in the corrugated cardboard sector, thanks to its production, logistics and service potential with an area of 60,000 square meters of which 35,000 square meters are covered.

At the beginning of 2024, the company further expanded its size through a corporate integration with the VPK Group. This new collaboration with the international Belgian group fits perfectly into IEMME's long-term vision and strategy, which is geared towards sustainable growth, innovation and increasing consolidation in European and global markets. Thanks to this development, IEMME emerges with greater strength in the packaging sector, consolidating itself as an authoritative and recognised partner, capable of stimulating new business and commercial developments.

Foto storica azienda Iemme anni 60

Company year 1960

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The future is called research and development.

Particular attention is paid to the development and renewal of production processes, to meet the needs of small and large productions.

Today the company's vision is to focus on continuous innovation and diversification of the offer to create products that are always new, sustainable and suitable for market trends also for automatic canning production systems.

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