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Satisfying customers gives satisfaction.

Each product requires its own packaging, which meets the needs of high quality, functionality, resistance and savings, which can only be guaranteed by directly following each phase of the order: from creation to its production and storage, up to delivery and warehouse services.

How we work.


We determine the type of cardboard to be used. We optimize the format with respect to the product, its packaging and transport and stacking needs. We study the most suitable graphic design to make the box an excellent advertising vehicle.



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Our strength is to respond exactly to the needs of the customer, providing a final product that complies with the required criteria. Thanks to our highly qualified technicians, we are able to provide the best solutions for any type of project.

High production


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IEMME is one of the leading companies in the tertiary packaging sector with its high production capacity and a wide range of types of packaging able to satisfy, quickly, small and large productions.

Design of packaging


Packaging su misura 2.webp

A well-designed packaging immediately communicates the quality of the product it contains. Our technicians support the customer in all design phases to provide the ideal solution for aesthetics, functionality, storage and product protection.

“Just in Time”


Magazzino Just in time

The Just in time warehouse management ensures the customer the reduction of stocks in its warehouses by optimizing space and management costs related to storage, also guaranteeing a fast and reliable delivery service.

We print

your creativity.

Imballi stampati

We can customize your packaging to enhance communication and the product. The flexographic printing technique guarantees high printing speeds, high levels of quality and an excellent quality/price ratio.

Contact us for a custom quote.

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