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Sustainability becomes a strategic value.

In every area of the company and at every stage of productivity, being eco-sustainable becomes a fixed point to share.

Recycling of raw materials.

Corrugated cardboard wins the challenge of eco-sustainability compared to the common products currently used for packaging, saving CO2 emissions produced by disposal.

Cartone Riciclato

More efficient production processes.

IEMME is committed to achieving a balance of excellence between production costs and services. The automation of the processes allows to optimize production costs without losing quality.

Processi produttivi efficienti

Use of renewable energy.

IEMME has always been attentive to sustainability, investing in research and renewable energy. Iemme uses energy produced by 2500 solar panels installed in its production site.

Pannelli Solari Iemme

Staff training.

IEMME promotes sustainability as a strategic value, training its employees on optimizing the use of raw materials and responsible saving of energy and water.

Formazione personale Iemme
Imballi sostenibili_iemme.jpg
Our products are made from
100% recycled paper.
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